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8 Tips to Get the Most Out of Selling Your Home

Glass figure collector, crazy cat person, or lover of bold, bright colored walls? Whatever your taste is, there’s likely a way to spruce up your home, or its decor, to make it more buyer friendly.

Sniff, sniff.
Light a candle, spray some of that fancy room freshener you got as a gift 3 years ago, or maybe bake something! On top of those pleasant scents, make sure anything that may emit an odor is taken care of when expecting potential buyers to come to check out your place. A good smelling home is a happy one!

Bold in small doses.
Those yellow pillows on your grey couch? Yes. The blood red painted bathroom? Not so much. Give those rooms with odd colors a paint refresher by bringing in a more muted version of the same color, or even opting for a neutral. Many rooms with a need to repaint often deter buyers, who see it as yet another expense.

Keep an eye on your flooring.
Do you have hardwood floors? Add a cozy rug to bring the space together. Faux fur rugs add a hint of luxury, and patterned ones give another layer of color to a room. Is your carpeting pretty beat up? Consider moving furniture to cover certain spaces, and keep in mind that flooring is a large expense for homeowners.

Lighting is key!
Open up the blinds, illuminate the kitchen and dining room, and create as much light as you can. This allows potential buyers to better see the whole space, and appreciate the natural window light combined with existing light fixtures. Don’t forget to clean the windows!

Storage is everything.
All the stuff in your hall closet? The winter clothing packed into the spare bedroom? Get it organized. Make it look like you have half the items, so it makes the available storage stand out more. Everyone wants more spots to stash their things!


Quick fixes make a difference.
Add some new, inexpensive curtains. Clean the grout in your shower. Replace that nineties faucet. These little things add up and make your home better put together. Freshening up the white paint on a ceiling can work wonders, too.

Easy on the upgrades.
Is part of you really wanting to redo your entire kitchen? Slow your roll, there. Sometimes the return on huge renovations isn’t the best, and you’ll have spent the money for no reason. Do plenty of research before making big moves on your home.

Limit the personal.
Do you have a lot of amazing framed photos of you, family, and friends? Keep them for the next place, but substitute them for some other photos, artwork, or plants. This way, potential buyers can picture themselves in your home better. If needed, a home stager can assist in making your home look its absolute best.

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