5 Design Tips For The Perfect Spring Home

Spring is officially here! The change of season means a change in your home decor. Changing out your home decor seasonally fills the needs brought on by the climate outside and harnesses the best of what the season has to offer. Use these benefits to add comfort to your daily living!

In winter, we may want to make our homes feel cozy, but in spring, we can throw off the blankets and celebrate the rebirth of all things lovely and bright! To that end, there is very specific imagery associated with spring, and utilizing the best of those concepts to refresh your home is how to successfully make your home feel spring ready. Here are 5 Design Tips For The Perfect Spring Home:


White and pale neutrals provide the perfect backdrop for pops of color, and spring is the ideal time to highlight clean, clear colors. Whether the palette is vibrant with cheerful brights or tranquil and gentle with pale pastel hues, clean, clear colors have a way of expressing an optimistic outlook that perfectly reflects the cheery vibe of spring. Use pillows and throws to add color in a snap, plus florals and decorative accents like vases and glassware.



Nothing says warm weather quite like wicker and rattan! In recent years, woven furniture styles have become noticeably updated and on-trend. But you don’t need to change your furniture to celebrate the season; there are plenty of ways to enjoy these materials in decorative accents. Try a market basket full of flowers to signal the season or baskets in every shape and size.



Florals are truly characteristic of the season. Mix grape hyacinths with pinkish tulips and sunny yellow daffodils to highlight all the brightest hues spring brings. The bonus is the intoxicating scent of the flowers wafting through your home.



Of course, the most obvious way to add seasonal aroma to your home is with fresh flowers, but don’t underestimate the pleasure of scented candles, potpourri, diffusers, and other room fragrances. And while they typically are scented with floral notes, they last longer than the flowers and can be pretty in and of themselves.



The reawakening of the garden brings with it a renewed interest in the items that typically accessorize the garden. Planters and urns, particularly vintage cast iron, are a joy to decorate with. Indeed anything that is reminiscent of gardening signals the season, from seed packets and plant markers to watering cans and moss. Even picket fencing can evoke the feeling, along with a charming and colorful bicycle propped up in just the right way.



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