Last-Minute Gift Ideas

It happens every year; one minute, you’re waiting for the leaves to change, the next, you’re enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, and then bam, it’s only days before Christmas, and you have barely touched your gift list. The sad truth is that no matter how much meticulous work goes into your holiday planning, between cooking, traveling, wrapping, and prepping, there is always something bound to be missed. 

Thanks to a little something called 2-Day Shipping from Amazon, you can have your loved ones thinking their perfect gift has been sitting under the tree all month long. Whether you’re shopping for your family, significant other, friend, or co-worker, we have a list of last-minute gifts that can be perfectly tailored to your entire list’s needs.


Candles can be given to anyone on your gift list. They can be personalized with scents, colors, and even the containers they come in. They also come in a vast price range, making them an affordable option no matter how many you need to add to your cart.


Slippers are such a cozy little luxury to slide on during chilly winter mornings or when you’re winding down after work. There are endless styles and sizes, making them a perfect gift for anyone.

Board Games

With technology ruling our everyday lives, it’s nice to turn off the phones, sit down with loved ones, and interact over an old-fashioned board game. While there are countless classics to choose from (Monopoly, Candy Land, Clue, etc.), new board games are constantly being introduced. They are more collaborative than ever, making them a perfect gift for the whole family.


As a kid, you may have opened a pair of socks and wondered what you did to end up on Santa’s naughty list that year, but the older we get, the more it’s a treat to get nice, new socks as a gift. We’ll likely need them every day in the winter, so the more pairs we have, the better.


Jewelry doesn’t have to be an expensive, pre-planned gift. There are more affordable and more personalized options than ever that still bring all the quality to the table.


Mugs are another one of those gifts that work for everyone and come in endless options. If you want to up the luxurious factor, there are even temperature-controlled mugs that will keep coffee warm all day and have your loved one asking, “where did you get this?’.

Alcohol Infusion Kits

It’s almost impossible to go to any gift store and not see one of these alcohol infusion kits. They’re everywhere for a reason – people love them! They offer various sets to help you concoct your favorite cocktails, just make sure whomever you gift it to invites you over when they use it.



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