3 Ways To Maximize Your Entry Space

We know, it’s a long-told tale, it helps to get organized. This is especially true utilizing small spaces or micro properties. Regardless of the size of your home, the first impression anyone gets when entering your abode is often the one that sets the tone. This certainly can be true for your own return home from work, a long weekend away, or a big day out. Your entryway communicates how anyone entering your space should feel and what they might expect to see throughout the decor of the space. However, before we discuss decor, organizing your often smallest space in your home, is the most foundational step.

Hang Like a Pro

Maximize your space while making it appealing is to (strategically) hang it up! Whether you go with a freestanding coat rack or some hooks on the wall, meshing a useful yet decorative tool will work wonders for your entryway. Hot tip, hang the best-looking pieces like leather jackets, dress coats, or fancy umbrellas to embellish a plain wall. 


Introduce Smart Decor

There is a multitude of entry benches and chairs that offer storage underneath while looking stylish and offering your guest a seat. If you want to take it a step further, built-in cabinets and closets are unobtrusive, yet surely take your entry space to the next level. If you’re not ready to go the built-in route, utilize color-blocking smart shelving. Many home and furniture stores sell appealing storage boxes and smart furniture that you can employ to hide all your “hallway stuff” so it’s within reach but not within eyesight. Additionally, organize by season or by a family member to make it easy and accessible for every height.


Utilize Mirrors

Nothing expands a space like mirrors. Opt for a decorative and large mirror or series of mirrors to introduce a decorative theme right from your guests’ first steps. Plus who doesn’t like to see themselves before heading out to take on the day?




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