Trending Outdoor Furniture and Decor

Chicagoans are investing more and more in property with outdoor spaces whether that be balconies, patios, or breezeway gardens. We’ve given you tips on 2021’s design trends, and ways to transform your private balcony, now it’s time to delve into this year’s trending outdoor furniture and decor so you can create your own outdoor oasis! Looking to increase the value of your property or simply create the perfect outdoor sanctuary? This list below will come in handy for your perfect summertime Chi vibe.

The Center Piece: Your Sofa

Patio furniture sets are a thing of the past. Mixing and matching your furniture to add personality, creativity, and ambiance to your space is what 2021 is about. All you need to do is invest in one comfy sofa. A comfy couch is an ultimate invitation that will set the tone for the rest of the space. It’s the reigning centerpiece of your outdoor living room, best to do your research and invest in a neutral and convertible piece for all the seasons and settings. Check out some of the best places to buy outdoor furniture here

Foldable Furniture 

Whether you are going for the classic deck chair, the director’s chair, or a cafe set, foldable furniture is the practical outdoor purchase you wish you had made years ago. It’s stackable, easily transportable, and super versatile. This means that whether you’re a renter with a small balcony or regularly go to the Lakefront with your friends on the weekends, these foldable chairs are the perfect outdoor furniture to have in your home.

Hammocks and Hanging Chairs 

The comfortable and cozy 2021 trend has put forth hammocks and hanging chairs! As we have mentioned before, this year’s outdoor trends are all about letting your creativity guide you. Go for striking, bold pieces that stand out instead of copying a magazine cover. Hammocks and hanging chairs are very versatile as they fit both indoor or outdoor which, as we all know, is a great plus for Chicagoans.

Fire Pits For The Win

Fire pits or outdoor fireplaces bring your outdoor living room decor to a whole new level. Besides, who doesn’t love evening cocktails or s’mores by the fire? Fire pits expand your evenings outdoors, create an inviting atmosphere and repel mosquitos! Get inspired by Terrain’s rustic and low-profile fire pit or Eva Solo’s FireGlobe fireplace.  

Outdoor Rugs We Love

Invest in a weatherproof outdoor rug will literally change the entire setting you hope to attain. You can bring warmth, directive, and a pop of color or pattern to a natural setting. Rugs with patterns give movement and dimension to a space but we recommend starting by having a look at Pottery Barn’s wide range of simple outdoor rugs before diving into more complex, high-end collections. Pro tip: Rugs make a space feel complete but they can also be hard to pair with the rest of your decor so make sure you prioritize the furniture and accessories before investing in your rug.

Tablecloths, Placemats, and Napkins…Oh My!

Biophilic design (connecting people with nature within our built environments) has proven very popular in 2021. Therefore, outdoor linens made out of organic cotton or woven placemats made out of natural materials such as dried leaves or seagrass are the way to go. Both for catching any spills or accidents but also for ease of repair and washing. You can pack these for a picnic by the lake or dress a table setting in your garden. Your guests will be impressed and your planet will be pleased. 


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