Three Ways to Transform Your Private Balcony

Let’s face it, a balcony or porch rather it be big or small is a cherished possession – especially if you live in a city. You could even say it has been considered a luxury during this pandemic. It’s the time to invest in property with private balconies and/or porches, which is why we have put together three concise and easy tips to instantly upgrade your small outdoor sanctuary. 

  • 1. Add furniture 

No questions here. Bringing furniture into your outdoor space makes it inviting. Can’t you imagine yourself waking up with some fresh air on your face and a fresh cup of coffee in your hand? Or sipping on a glass of wine in the evening while starring at the stars? Adding furniture creates moments, conversations, stories, and friendships. If you lack space, built-ins and foldable chairs and tables are great options. If you have more room, opt for an inviting outdoor sofa with some fun pillows. 

  • 2. Bring in some greenery 

You can’t have an outdoor space without elements of nature. Your plants, flowers, and potted herbs will be eternally grateful. The best part? They will instantly make your balcony come to life without you having to make any effort. Not only will greenery make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation but it’ll also add the exact amount of privacy you need.

  • 3. Make it versatile and unique to your lifestyle

It’s important to make your outdoor refuge personal and seasonal. Have your balcony match your mood and personality. If you’re the outgoing, social type, opt for a cocktail bar, if you’re the introvert type, add a romantic outdoor reading nook for example. With Chicago’s tough winters and hot summers, you have to remember to make your balcony easily interchangeable. In winter, have a heated lamp and some cozy blankets at hand, and in summer, invest in a comfortable outdoor lounge chair. 

This is your chance to be your own creative director and decide how you choose to build those special moments in your everyday life. Have fun with it!


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