5 Ways to Introduce Pastel Into Your Decor

Incorporating color into your home decor can be daunting but the advantage of pastel tones is that they are simple, discreet, and very easy to integrate into any home. Whether you are revamping a rented bedroom or remodeling your entire home, these 5 different approaches are your go-to guide to follow. 

Paint or wallpaper 

Wallpaper or a pastel-painted wall can both be whimsical for a child’s bedroom or elegant for a kitchen. Regardless, the main rule with wallpaper is to not overdo it. Choose one wall and make that your focal point. For example, in an office, you would install wallpaper behind the desk in order to make that workstation the centerpiece. This trick will give you the right amount of pizzazz for your refurbishment. As for paint, luckily, it’s more versatile. Painting your kitchen cabinets or an entryway a pastel green, light blue, or dusty rose is a simple and guaranteed solution to elegantly introduce pastel into your home decor.

Use pastels in chairs and seating

If you’re the subtle type and painting a whole wall or committing to a colorful wallpaper intimidates you, don’t worry, we’ve got you. Simply focus your attention on the seating or accent elements in your home. It’s super easy, low cost, and more convenient especially if you’re renting. Painting your dining chairs or upholstering your couch gives you the soft accents you are looking for. It will also highlight that the seating area making your kitchen, dining room, or living room pop.

Pastel Art 

Another short-term commitment option is framed art pieces! Pastel art is a very subtle yet effective way to illuminate a neutral space. The juxtaposition of colorful framed art on plain backgrounds will instantly bring a room to life. If you’re a property owner interested in leasing, this may be a good versatile and changeable option for your remodels. 


Household staples

Like we’ve said before, accessorizing goes a long way and this may be the easiest way to incorporate pastel into your home decor. Blending colorful household items ranging from lamps to pillows to kitchen appliances is child’s play. If you want to avoid a construction site in your home, focusing on smaller accents is always a safe bet. Scattering delicate pillows or adding a bright toaster to your kitchen counter gives elegance to your interior design. 

Neutrals and pastels are best friends 

Most households have natural and neutral tones because it offers a clean canvas to work off of. Also, adding natural tones to the foundations of your home has been a very popular 2021 design trend. It’s good news that pastel colors blend perfectly with woods and neutral tones. The simpler the better – work with what you have instead of looking for complicated artsy solutions! We’re telling you, whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, incorporating pastel into your home decor is a piece of cake! 



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