How to Add a Luxurious Ambiance to Your Rental

Now that our homes have become both our living and work spaces, it’s important to create an inspirational home environment that you’re proud of. Making your home fancier is like accessorizing a plain outfit. If you pick and wear the right accessories, you’ve got a “look”. We get it – you’re renting so you are not in a position to add molding to your ceiling or drill a customized bookshelf but trust us, there are numerous and simple solutions to add a luxurious ambiance to your apartment. 

Moving your furniture around 

So simple right? Make sure your furniture pieces aren’t so symmetric. Your couch doesn’t have to be stuck to a wall or centered in front of the TV either. Going against the status quo can bring interest to a room and make your apartment stand out. Creating conversation nooks by mixing shapes and sizes brings your interior design to a whole new level. Most importantly, have fun with it and don’t hesitate to test things out!

Layer fabrics and mix textures.

Layering fabrics and mixing textures brings warmth and makes a space feel finished. We’re talking rugs, throws, pillows, duvets, leathers, woods and the whole nine yards. 

If you don’t know where to start, we recommend focusing on the master bedroom. We don’t know about you but having a cozy and inviting sleeping area is a must. This is the space where you recharge your batteries, so make it your own sanctuary! Add depth to the space by layering pillows on your duvet or throwing a sheepskin rug on your leather armchair.

Art from museums!

Chicagoans are lucky duckies. Its neighborhoods are filled with hundreds of museums and cultural institutions. Head over to art museum giftshops and we guarantee you’ll end up in a rabbit hole of interior design inspiration. Museum gift shops are a great way to find out-of-the ordinary and exclusive art pieces on a low budget. Ditch mainstream retailers and support your local museums! The less main stream you go the more luxurious your apartment will look. You can also discover some great finds at vintage shops or flea markets. 

Indoor greenery is here to stay.

Indoor plants add a calming yet sophisticated atmosphere to a space. Additionally, watering and nurturing plants have proven to be therapeutic so what’s not to like? If you have an empty space in your apartment and can’t afford an armchair, plants are a great way to go. If you aren’t a plant guy, we recommend adding dried bouquets to bathrooms or side tables. It adds a romantic ambiance to any room and requires zero upkeep. Lastly, make sure you become friends with your local florist and have them advice you on what’s best for your apartment.


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