Date Ideas You Can Recreate at Home

Nights below 25 degrees in Chicago make you want to hibernate for good reason. If you have someone special that you’re able to cuddle up next to, staying warm may be a little bit easier. While it seems Chiberia is upon us, you might be wondering how to best create ambiance without leaving your house. The following is a list of date ideas that you can recreate at home to show your special person you care (or really knock it out the park on your first date). 

Game Night 

There are many fun, and new games available to pick from (if you have the patience to give them a shot). If you and your honey are into history, pick a historical quizzing game like Chronology. Or if you’re the meme king and queen, you might want to test your throne by playing What Do You Meme? If you’re mutually obsessed with your cat-babies, try playing Cat Face. And of course there are always the classics like Cards Against Humanity, Scrabble, Jenga, UNO, and Go Fish to suffice.


Creative Cocktail/Cooking Night 

If you and your partner enjoy being creative in the kitchen, consider getting a book on cocktails or of fun recipes. One of you could tackle food while the other chooses a cocktail to recreate or work as a team on both together. Yummy!  


Indoor Picnic 

Perhaps you and your person are feeling a cooking fatigue and need some time away from the oven. Not sure what to select and don’t want to pick the same old thing? Consider choosing from one of the restaurants listed in Curious City Scavenger Hunt Chicago Eats Edition . It’s a fun way to learn more about the history of the city and get out of your neighborhood. A particular favorite is Peach’s in Grand Boulevard, an area where the Marx brothers previously lived. We suggest briefly venturing out to grab your takeout while learning about the vast history Chicago has to offer then bringing your goods home and enjoy an indoor picnic. 


S’mores Night!

If you or your significant other are lucky enough to have a fireplace then consider the possibility of having a s’mores night! Get creative and pick out a different type neither one of you have had. If you don’t have a fireplace, there is always the stove OR you could snag this home-set made precisely for this conundrum. 


Attend a Virtual Concert Together 

Get dressed up as if you were going to the concert, get dinner delivered, have your concert cocktails ready to go and tune in to one of your favorite artists serenade you from your couch with your cutie. Set the tone by setting the lights low or turning on “stage” lighting similar to your fave concert hall.


Build a Terrarium 

Do both of you want some greenery to brighten up your space? Consider having a terrarium building night! There are many kits to choose from on the internet or go to a local store to personally select items to spruce up your home for an extra personal touch.


Start Plotting Your Next Adventure! 

If staying indoors for so long has really driven you and your partner crazy, grab a book on national parks and plan a road trip! Start by plotting out what area of the U.S. you’d like to see, the level of hiking difficulty you’re both comfortable with and if there are any parks one of you has already seen. Try to go somewhere that’s new to both of you and that you’re feasibly able to drive to. The process of planning an adventure trip can almost be as fun as the hike itself. Start planning, pick a date to go and get excited about the memories you’re about to make! 


Whether you and your significant other are ready to get out of your neighborhood and explore or in dire need of some rest and relaxation we hope that this list helps you both reconnect and make fond memories in what are hopefully, the last few months of living in distance of other friends and family members.


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