Broker Blog: Fight or Flight: City vs. Suburbs

To many city dwellers, the suburbs signify a more relaxed, slow-paced lifestyle compared to what they’re used to in the city. However, 2020 has managed to shed a light on many different aspects of city living versus suburbia. The coronavirus pandemic paired with stay-at-home orders have made many upgrades such as outdoor and office space a “need to have.” The many offerings of urban living, such as extensive nightlife, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment options, have been heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Limited capacity, outdoor-only dining, timed reservations, or complete business closures, as well as the increased risk of exposure by living in densely populated areas, has led some urbanites to rethink their decision to live in the big city. 

While living in the city comes with a plethora of benefits, escaping to the suburbs is suddenly back in style. Interest in suburban living, with larger homes on larger lots, has been growing for a few years; however, the coronavirus pandemic amplified this interest and desire for many home buyers. For some time, public outdoor spaces such as the lakefront trail and playgrounds in Chicago were closed due to the pandemic forcing some city dwellers, especially those with pets or young children, to look to the suburbs for accessible outdoor space. 

A byproduct of these unprecedented times has produced the need not to be within close proximity to one’s office building. Given Chicago’s geography, that is usually an office building in the Loop / Downtown area. A once “downtown” employee can now effectively work from home. The economics of traveling to and from the office has now been changed. That saving has now been transferred to applying it toward a larger home with a larger plot of land to be enjoyed while being productive at work.

While some cities have seen a ‘mass exodus’ of urbanites fleeing for the suburbs, some markets aren’t seeing the same trend. Regardless, if 2020 has given you enough reason to want to move out to the suburbs, contact me! As a lifelong Chicagoan and now suburbanite of five years, I am happy to help anyone looking to make a move to the suburbs.


Blog By: Arnell Cordero   312-619-7412  | [email protected]

With over 20 years in the Chicago real estate industry, Arnell Cordero has been a Chicago resident since childhood, he knows the city and suburbs inside out. Initially, Arnell’s experience stemmed from running a family-owned property management business in the Logan Square and Bucktown neighborhoods.

Arnell places a strong emphasis on customer service, understanding that communication and responsiveness are as important to clients as his vast real estate knowledge. Whether you’re buying or leasing, selling, or investing, Arnell will make every effort to make your real estate needs as seamless and successful as possible!

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