5 DIY Projects to Instantly Upgrade Your Home

With the warmer weather comes the long list of errands for you home. It can be external or internal, organizing materials or excess storage, landscaping, or resetting the ventilation with new filters, or other small but necessary repairs. While the list of the average errands can be long, Fulton Grace knows many of us now have more time at home than ever and have found ourselves wondering…what else can be done?! Certainly the more rewarding of home-projects are those that you can see every day. This includes simple upgrades or DIY projects that literally change your setting for the better. Believe it or not, many of these small projects cost under $50 and can totally upgrade your home. Why not start this weekend with one of these easy but impressive projects.  

1- An Accent Wall 

One of the easiest and most transformative projects you can apply to your home for an instant makeover is an accent wall. Sure, you may instantly think of a “pop of color” or some sort of muted tone that offsets the rest of the walls and furnishings. But there are actually a plethora of applications that take it a step further – and make it much more unique. From custom (read DIY) repeat wallpaper designs, to a fun wallpaper, mural, or a geometric wood design…there is an option for everything. 


2- Replace Cabinet & Drawer Handles

This “quick fix” has such an impressive impact that it begs the question of why more renters or homeowners do it more often. Oftentimes, especially in rentals, the finishing touches on appliances and cabinets are not considered, they face repairs and replacements without considering a cohesive color story or appeal. Thus, you end up with mismatching hardware. All of which can be replaced (temporarily, too) with often a simple screwdriver. You can browse the endless supply of hardware from your typical go-to shops to Target and Etsy for a more unique appeal. In the case that your cabinets are a bit old, it will feel like a whole new room once all the fixtures have been replaced and match your chosen aesthetic. 


3- Lighting!

Lighting can transform a humdrum property or room into an oasis. There is the reason why agents like to tour, photograph, or showcase a unit during peak lighting hours. Replacing your worn blinds with faux wood blinds, changing the color or material of your curtains, raising the curtain rod higher can alter your space to either brighten, enlargen, or encapsulate the theme you’re decorating for. Additionally, adding in a statement lamp can elevate your space within seconds.

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4- Cabinet & Shelving Overhaul 

Depending on your ability to perform the project, revamping your cabinets can be a weekend project that is no doubt consuming but ultimately the most rewarding. Depending on your space and the condition of your current cabinetry, you can either replace entirely with an updated choice, replace with floating shelves, paint or refinish the wood. Unless you are able to oversee, do, or hire for the task, we suggest you consult a professional or your landlord before attempting any of these alterations. 


5- Spruce Up Your Plant Pots 

By far the simplest way to revive boring pottery or your plant collection is to paint all of your pots and pottery to your chosen aesthetic. You can paint them all white, paint them all black, brown, or millennial pink if you wish! You can even get creative and add geometric designs or other fun shapes you find on Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration. 



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