Tips for Moving With a Pet

Let’s face it, moving is often a major undertaking and can easily become overwhelming. Regardless of budget or family size, the process inevitably requires deep cleaning, organization, and a lot of hands-on work. Adding a pet to the scenario is likely an added stress you’ll dread more than the packing. At Fulton Grace, we treat our furry-friends like family and believe they are no exception to the assurance we all seek when prepping for an upcoming move.

Whether it’s down the street or across the country, your pet can feel stress, too and a move is certainly a shift they will experience…new sights, sounds, smells, and friends! Depending on your pet, prepping them for the move can be a helpful tool for ensuring a seamless transition for everyone. 

Always move your pet in a safe carrier. If your furry friend is not used to it or has never been in one, start the process of getting comfortable by placing treats or familiar toys within the carrier. Invite your pet to remain in the carrier while you wash dishes or tend to an errand to ensure they can trust that you will return and that the carrier is a safe space for them to momentarily reside! This will be immensely helpful on moving day when you need to ensure your pet feels calm in a familiar environment despite the fact that you are transitioning from one home to another. You can also use the carrier to hold your pet in a safe space (we recommend a bathroom, too) while movers are tending to the boxes. Adding a sign indicating “KEEP CLOSED – CAT/DOG INSIDE!” is helpful in avoiding mistakes or additional surprises.

Before you let your cat or dog into your new house, be sure to inspect the new space from their point of view – inside and out. Remove any dangling cords from electronics or blinds to help keep your pet safe. If you have a cat, make sure to keep doors and windows closed and close any crawl spaces where your cat would be out of your reach. Once you’re settled, don’t worry if your pet acts a little different for a few days. In response to a new setting, the animal may require time to adjust to the new environment thus resulting in reclusive behavior, anxiety, confusion, or potty mistakes. In time, they’ll find their new home just as comforting as you do!

Like cats, dogs will appreciate getting back to the established routine as soon as possible. Taking walks at your usual time and sticking to the same route for several days will help your dog adjust. If possible, allow yourself a few extra days to spend at home with your pet after the move and before returning to work. During this period of adjustment, you can begin to stay away from home for short periods of time to get your pet used to being alone in their new space. Do not leave your dog unattended outside during this adjustment period. You may want to choose a special room that will be their private refuge, complete with food and water bowls, bed, and something with your scent like a t-shirt!



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