5 Ways You Can Support Your Local Community During Covid-19

As we spend more and more time at home this month there is an inevitable reality we all must face: a myriad of businesses are unable to generate income, sustain their employee base, or even keep their doors open. Chicago is home to a plethora of unique shops, world-renowned restaurants, and local favorites that make the Windy City the icon that it is. Chicago also has over 70 neighborhoods, distinguishable by the communities that occupy them. Sadly, there are a large number of families and Chicago residents that have been laid off or lost their main source of income due to the quarantine. Ensuring our neighbors have food to eat and a safe place to rest each day is paramount. 

For those of us who have maintained regular income, our daily budgets for entertainment and dining have been shelved thanks to the Shelter-in-Place. However, you can repurpose those same funds by continuing your spend with the local community and the places you love to patron. How? Below are 5 ways you can support local and give back to your community thus ensuring their livelihood, their business remains viable, and that Chicago remains resilient!

1. Donate to food banks, shelters, and hospitals! You can also use the navigator to ensure you’re connecting with the right source to share your extra funds.

2. Buy gift cards to your favorite hotels, restaurants, boutiques, spas and more. This puts money right in their pockets for immediate relief.

3. Order Take-out or Buy Merch from your favorite Restaurants. Just like gift cards, this ensures your favorite local hotspots are viable right now – it places immediate income into their accounts while you score some awesome new threads!

4. Attend online classes at your local gym, studio, or health app. A variety of gyms, studios, and fitness-apps have begun offering instructor-lead classes. The schedule allows for routine and good health for you and confirmed revenue flow during the hiatus. 

5. Volunteer or Give Blood! Unfortunately, a large number of donations have been postponed or canceled over health concerns. The Chicago Red Cross is still in need of blood during this critical time. Ensuring everyone’s safety first, there are organizations that are in need of volunteers today. Head to the link to find out which, where, and when!



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