Battle of the Chicago Deep Dish: Here’s Our 5 Favorite Pizza Spots

We take pizza very seriously in this city.

We can try and settle this debate once and for all, or we can tell you our top five favorite spots to grab Chicago deep dish pizza.


The incredible part of Pequod’s is the caramelized crust, where the cheese and crust form to make the perfect added layer of deliciousness. 


Credit: Pequod’s via Instagram

Lou Malnati’s

Always famous Lou Malnati’s brings customers in droves, with their “Buttercrust” and long wait times. Don’t let the wait times deter you: it’s well worth it.


Credit: Lou Malnati’s via Instagram


Extra cheese, please! Giordano’s perfectly balances a massive amount of cheese with a healthy amount of sauce, and never disappoints.


Credit: Giordano’s via Instagram

Gino’s East

Each slice at Gino’s East packs a lot of punch, meaning getting past a second slice is serious feat. But you’ll enjoy each and every second.


Credit: Gino’s East via Instagram

My Pi

By the slice or the whole pie: you’ll definitely want more at My Pi! If you want a side of veggies with your pizza, they also have a great salad bar.


Credit: kristanlieb via Instagram

We’re here for the epic cheese pulls.

Special Mention for the vegan deep dish offerings at The Chicago House of ‘Za, where the vegan ‘za is just as amazing as the spots above.


Credit: thinkplantbased via Instagram

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