The 6 Best Donut Shops in Chicago

Donuts make us go nuts.

In Chicago, we love baked goods, but donuts really hold a place in our hearts. Here’s Fulton Grace‘s picks for our favorite spots.

Do-Rite Donuts
Multiple locations

Everyone has heard of Do-Rite, and it’s because their donuts truly do it RIGHT. Enjoy!


Credit: Do-Rite

Stan’s Donuts
Multiple Locations

We cannot recommend their custard-stuffed donuts, Buttermilk Bar, and gluten-free options enough.


West Town Bakery
Multiple locations

West Town Bakery is another great spot to pick up gluten-free donuts and goods, along with an abundance of other, gluten FILLED options.


Credit: West Town Bakery

Multiple locations

Old-fashioned donuts that aren’t nearly as old-fashioned as you’d think. Prepare your belly… you’ll return for more!


Doughnut Vault
401 N Franklin, 111 N Canal

From sprinkled to glazed, Doughnut Vault truly has it all. Make sure you get a dozen, because one is NOT enough!


Credit: Doughnut Vault

The Dapper Doughnut
Chicago French Market

Hunt down this food truck as it migrates around Chicago, or stop in at Chicago French Market to make SURE you get your donuts.


Credit: Dapper Doughnut

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