How to Be an Energy Saver in Your Home This Earth Day

Saving energy saves you money.

Fulton Grace is here to help. Take a look at these tips to save you money and energy this Earth Day!

  1. Clean or replace any filters regularly. Dirty filters make your system work harder and run longer than necessary.
  2. In the warm months, be sure to close shades, blinds, & drapes to help keep your home cooler and reduce the use of your air conditioning. Keep shades open during the cool months to let the sun warm your home.
  3. Every time you peek into your oven while cooking or baking, the temperature goes down by 25° F, making your oven use more energy to bring it back to your set temp.
  4. Make sure to use natural light whenever possible. This reduces so much energy use! Be sure to turn off lights in rooms you aren’t in, and avoid leaving lights on when leaving the home.
  5. Use your clothing washer/dryer and dishwasher later in the evening. This will keep your home cooler and place less strain on power grid during peak hours.

Keep in mind, these are just a few tips to help your wallet and energy footprint.

Be mindful of how much energy you use in your home!


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