Make Your Reservations at Virtue Restaurant in Hyde Park

Southern hospitality and food with heart.

One look at the reviews for Virtue will have you in awe. The majority of them give glowing, shining, glittering words to the Hyde Park newcomer, and it’s quite easy to see why. Every aspect of Virtue are virtues in themselves: from the hostess who politely greets to the final bite of dessert.

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Credit: Virtue Restaurant on Instagram

Pro tip: making a reservation at Virtue is key. This hot spot is consistently bustling during all business hours, so this will be a crucial step in your process of checking out this delightful dining experience.

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Credit: Virtue Restaurant

The cleverly named cocktails also get a special shoutout, because who WOULDN’T want a cocktail named “any port in a storm” or “weekend at nana’s”? Each drink is unique and special in its own way– so try them all. Not at once, of course.

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Credit: Virtue Restaurant on Instagram

Our personal favorites? The the salmon and pork chop from the “large rations” section of the menu. We can’t forget to recognize the delightfully creamy and decadent mac & cheese, too.


Credit: Virtue Restaurant on Instagram

Once you’ve made your coveted reservations, make sure you savor each moment you spend at Virtue. Not to worry though: it will most definitely not be your last.


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