Three Ways to Build a Plant Wall in Your Home

The perfect decor for a plant lover.

You may have noticed a continuous trend that is sweeping the internet: plant walls. Whether they’re built-in, hanging, or on shelves, there’s a way to create one in your home.

Shelves of greenery.
Pick a wood or metal color and hang some shelves. Whether it be in a more “orderly” fashion, or with some disarray, the combination will make for a glorious wall of green. Make sure you incorporate some hanging plants for better flow.


Credit: urbanjungleblog on Instagram

The minimal approach.
Pick up a few wall planter hooks (like these) and perfectly fitting pots, then pick a blank spot in your home. Make your measurements and spacing adjustments, then add in your little plants. Minimal, but still green!


Rustic but pretty.
Obtain a wooden palette. Whether you paint it white or whichever color you prefer, it will make for a great base. Find some planter hooks (similar or smaller than the ones above) and follow the above instructions. A few mason jar lights (with LEDs) will complete the look.


Credit: Style Me Pretty

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