Inside Tom Brady’s Luxurious $20 Million Condo in Tribeca, New York

Five bedrooms and $5,000 square feet for $20 million.

Tom Brady and his family purchased a gorgeous Tribeca condo in luxury building 70 Vestry in 2016.


Credit: 70 Vestry

Their spacious 5,000 square foot and five bedroom home sits just beside the Hudson River with the views to prove it.

FINAL 30_Terrace_revA.jpg

Credit: 70 Vestry

Many condos in the building boast a terrace with insane, sweeping views of New York City and the Hudson River. Additionally, these views can be seen from the master bedroom.

FINAL 33_Bedroom_revA.jpg

Credit: 70 Vestry

A spacious kitchen with sunny, natural light and clean lines also add plenty of value to this luxurious home.

FINAL 15_9N Dog Bowl Kitchen_revB.jpg

Credit: 70 Vestry

It’s easy to forget about common spaces, but we mustn’t forget this one! Views and sunlight are abundant in the living area, as well.

FINAL 10_5E Dark Living_VIVID_revA.jpg

Credit: 70 Vestry

With five bedrooms, there’s definitely enough space for a library.

FINAL 12_7N Library_revA.jpg

Credit: 70 Vestry

We can’t leave out the epic pool residents of 70 Vestry have access to.

FINAL 20_Pool_revA.jpg

Credit: 70 Vestry

Tom Brady and his family are definitely fortunate to have purchased a home in this gorgeous building. Hopefully he has time to relax after winning the Super Bowl… again.

FINAL 34 Dusk Hero_01 REV A.jpg

Credit: 70 Vestry


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