Chinatown’s Legend Tasty House Has Chicago’s Tastiest Rolled Ice Cream

This ice cream is well worth the long line.

So you may have seen the trend this past summer (and a bit the summer before) of Thai rolled ice cream. It swept Chicago by storm heavily in 2018. One spot stood out amongst all the others… Legend Tasty House.


Credit: Simon G. on Yelp

Legend Tasty House is located in Chinatown, where you’ll likely find many fantastic spots to dine or grab dessert. LTH shines among those dessert options because not only is it highly Instagrammable, but it’s also insanely delicious.

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Credit: Will T. on Yelp

Looking for a suggestion? Not only will the employees at Legend Tasty House share their favorites with you, but many people standing nearby in line will, too. Because once you go for LTH’s rolled ice cream, you’ll definitely go back.

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