Preparing to Sell for the Spring Market

It’s just around the corner.

Spring is the best time to sell your home. Why, you ask? Well, most buyers begin looking as soon as the weather warms up. Yes, real estate often depends on the weather. April, May, and June are the times where people home hunt the most, and you know everyone loves springtime in Chicago. Here’s a few tips on where to start.

Do your own research.
Find a Chicago real estate brokerage you trust. Search for your potential agent by reading reviews and finding information about neighborhoods they work with. A real estate agent will help you better understand each step in your process, and guide you in the right direction with any decision making. Looking for your ideal agent? Check out our website.

Interview your ideal real estate agents.
Reach out and see if your potential agent would like to grab coffee, or even ask them drop by your home and check it out. Agents will come prepared with market information crucial to your home selling process and advice for how to prepare your home for selling and viewing. You aren’t tied to the first person you call, either, so make sure they’re a great match for you! You’ll work very closely with this person til the process is complete.

Prepare and spruce up your home.
Make any needed repairs to your home. Whether you’re fixing a faucet or installing a brighter light fixture, these small things can add up when a potential buyer sees your home. Organize or put away any clutter, open the curtains to let as much light in as possible, and apply a new coat of paint where needed. Try to remember what it’s like to be the buyer. How would you want to see your home? What photos are you drawn to when looking at your potential homes online?

Chat with neighbors.
Talking with other residents of your neighborhood may help when beginning the process of selling your home. Perhaps they’ve worked with an agent they loved, or have suggestions for home improvements. Any advice can help you create a better plan for your home.

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