Books and Drinks at Kibbitznest in Lincoln Park

No Wifi needed.

Kibbitznest is not one of those bookstores or cafes where you bring in your laptop, plop it down, and ignore the world. It is so much more.

There are books, there are drinks, and there are places to hang out. But there is no Wifi.

Why no Wifi? Well, Kibbitznest has events, such as storytelling, performances, book clubs, discussions, jam sessions, and many more. Rendering Wifi quite irrelevant during your time there.

Now, onto the drinks. There’s hot cocoa that can be spiked with your choice of liquor, brews carefully chosen by the staff, and handcrafted cocktails. You can bring in your own food, too, if you want something to snack on, if you buy a drink in return.

There is also books and games. Games are for playing, books are for buying. You can’t go wrong.

Stop into Kibbitznest for a day (or evening) of human interaction, relaxation, and disconnecting from your screen.


Credit: Kibbitznest

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