How to Give Back During the Holiday Season

Warmth, comfort, and support are some of the best gifts you can give.

As temperatures drop along with the countdown to the holidays, there are many people who aren’t able to afford the extravagance of the holiday season. Here’s our thoughts on how to help the less fortunate.

Invite someone to dinner.
The holiday season can be such a hard time for those without family to celebrate with. Do you know someone celebrating the same holiday you are, but without a place to spend it? Invite them over!

Volunteer at a food pantry or participate in a food pack.
There are many food pantries in Chicago, and several organizations doing food packs.

Donate needed goods to any shelter.
A shelter’s website or Facebook page are the perfect resources to discover what is in need at this time of year.

Donate to women’s shelters.
Warm clothing, makeup items, and sanitary items are always needed at women’s (or all) shelters.

Drop off gifts to a children’s shelter.
Check out Amazon for toy deals, order a few, and drop them off at your local children’s shelter or home. Make someone smile during the holidays.

Donate blankets to homeless shelters.
Have a blanket making party! Ask a couple people to get two pieces of fleece fabric, bring their own scissors, and make blankets for homeless shelters. Warmth can make all the difference in the world.

Give blood.
Blood is always needed. Give yours and help a person in need!

Instead of a gift, ask for someone to donate.
Thrown into another Secret Santa or something similar? Give a hint: you’d love if someone made a donation in your name to a charity.

Volunteer your time.
Looking for another opportunity to give back? Check here.

Donate to a charity.
If you’re without the time to do any of the above, you can always donate to the charity of your choosing.

There’s so many other ways to give back, and these are a wonderful place to start.



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