8 Places to Feast in Edgewater

Waterfront views, diverse cuisine… what’s not to love? Head up to Edgewater for these offerings, not to mention that comforting neighborhood feeling, antique markets, and have we mentioned the FOOD? Go on, call your Lyft. We can wait.

The Waterfront Cafe
Order a Revolution Anti-Hero and the Lobster Roll, then grab a table closer to the seemingly endless blue. This place isn’t a white tablecloth sort of joint, but more of the spot for you to take it easy and stare out into the water while enjoying delightful food and beverages. 6219 North Sheridan Rd


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Fireside Restaurant and Lounge
One word: patio. The patio at Fireside is a Chicagoan’s dream: spacious and clean. There’s a good selection of food and beverages, as well as brunch from 10AM to 3PM on Saturdays and Sundays. Drop by and take a load off! 5739 N Ravenswood Ave


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Lickity Split Frozen Custard
Get your custard-loving self on over to this amazing shop of sweet treats. You know you see those Instagram photos of banana splits and crave one, and Lickity Split is known for them. 6056 N Broadway


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Cellars Bar & Grill
Dubbed “Edgewater’s Favorite Haunt,” you’ve probably heard of this spot. From fried Brussels sprouts to bourbon salmon, there’s something for everyone, and everyone you bring here will leave full and extremely happy. If you don’t believe us… just drop by and see for yourself. 5900 N Broadway


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Indie Cafe
Raved about by many, this sushi and Thai restaurant has anything you’re looking for. Grab an order of the Almond Monkey, which is topped with spicy mayo, BBQ, and raspberry sauce, roasted coconut, and almond (yum!) or a classic Drunken Noodle. Make sure you skip lunch before dropping in for a delicious meal! 5951 N Broadway St

Photo of Indie Cafe - Chicago, IL, United States

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Uncommon Ground
Excellent entrees and efforts towards sustainability, what’s not to love? Their Edgewater location is the home of the first certified organic rooftop farm in the United States, and is also an amazing event venue. Get the sweet potato fries as a side, or indulge in the mac n cheese. 1401 W Devon Ave

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Ras Dashen
If you haven’t dropped by this Ethiopian haven of deliciousness, grab your friends and head over! Zenash, the chef at Ras Dashen Ethiopian Restaurant, grew up near the Ras Dashen mountains and is proud to offer you traditional home-cooked meals. 5846 N Broadway Ave

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Mango Pickle
This gorgeously decorated (some decor directly from India), contemporary Indian restaurant is the perfect spot for an evening out. The menu is updated seasonally, and always includes unique, creative dishes. 5842 N Broadway

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Credit: Mango Pickle

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