Pack Your Beach Bag and Head to the Lakefront

As temperatures rise over 80 degrees and humidity percentages make you feel like you’re walking through a sauna, you may find yourself wanting to submerge completely in some cold lake water. No judgment, since we conveniently have Lake Michigan nearby to jump into! Pack up your beach bag and load up on the sunscreen, because a beach weekend in Chicago doesn’t mess around.

Humboldt Park Beach
The only inland beach in the city, this Natural Swimming Beach is situated on a lovely lagoon, where anyone looking to cool off or sunbathe can relax and enjoy an afternoon. After your day in the sun drop by the Boathouse Cafe for a snack. 1400 N Sacramento Ave


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Kathy Osterman Beach (Hollywood Beach)
Unanimously a beach Chicago residents love, this beach has a spot for everyone. Clear waters and clean sands make this the perfect beach to spend an entire day. Take some epic Insta-worthy photos on the boardwalk and grab some drinks at the concession stand. You’ll lose track of time here. 4600 North Lake Shore Dr 


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Montrose Beach
Grill, play volleyball, go for a run, listen to live music, do some bird watching and do yourself a favor by visiting this waterfront oasis of fun. Because we know free parking is like a drug to the city, there is some available… as well as some metered areas. Go on, you know you’d rather spend a day here than sitting in your freezing air conditioned apartment. 200 W Montrose Harbor Dr


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Montrose Dog Beach
One word: dogs. We know you likely squeal every time you see one walk down the street, so indulge in your minor obsession and drop by this beach, even if you don’t have one. If you do, though, and said pup gets along with others, let them run free like you do when you’re off your leash at the beach. Wait… what? 610 W Lawrence Ave


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Foster Beach
Come here before noon and you’ll find all of the best spaces available for you set up camp. Vendors are around for you to buy snacks and alcohol, and the water is almost always calm. Take a breather and relax here, or host a party for friends to mingle by these tranquil waters. 5200 N. Lake Shore Dr


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Leone Beach
As a smaller beach, this is the most wonderful location to unwind after a busy day. Walk your dog or look out from the pier, and smile because the people you know opting to visit North Avenue instead are completely missing out on the laid-back time you’ll be having. 1222 W Touhy Ave


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Lane Beach
To be honest, this insanely beautiful area looks more like an ocean and less like a lake. You may not need to bring anything to keep you occupied, because the views and a pair of headphones will do the trick. 5915 N Sheridan Rd


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12th Street Beach
The skyline looks like it was painted here. This isn’t a party beach by any means, and it’s a bit small, so it has moments where it is a little crowded. If you want to people watch or just watch the water, stop by here. 1200 S Linn White Dr

Belmont Harbor Dog Beach
Again, you know you want to watch some adorable pups frolic on the beach! This small spot is great for your furry friend because he or she can run free, but not get too far away from you. Afterwards, you can peek at the lovely boats nearby. N Lake Shore Dr & Lake Shore Drive Dr


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Tobey Prinz Beach (Pratt Beach)
You are likely aware of how many beaches are located in Rogers Park, but this undiscovered one is definitely worth a visit. Enjoy the sunset and take it easy while families and other beachgoers relax alongside you. 1045 W Pratt 


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