We created a “Boost” for Agent Marketing

Fulton Grace Realty prides itself on not only staying ahead of the curve, but on setting the course. Constantly striving to improve the agent experience, Fulton Grace has developed its newest innovation, “Boost”. Boost is an agent-centric marketing platform that bundles lead generation and agent branding into one comprehensive and proactive initiative. Since the inception of Boost in early 2017, participating agents have experienced exponential growth in their lead generation and sales volume.

The premise of Boost is simple: allow agents to focus on building client relationships while our marketing experts complete the time-consuming tasks of transaction management, creation of marketing materials and CRM management. Boost improves the efficiency of an agent’s workflow, enabling them to close more deals in less time.

Fulton Grace Marketing Director, Amethyst Cannady, speaks to the program’s benefits by stating that “The ability for our agents to work one-on-one with our designated marketing coordinators is a fundamental feature of Boost. The agents have the opportunity to brainstorm with a marketing expert on individual branding projects and strategize over social media campaigns so that the agents “voice” is heard by all. This level of attention and automation is what sets Boost apart.

The core offerings of Boost include the creation and distribution of agents’ promotional listing materials, the handling of administrative closing activities (such as sending gifts and soliciting reviews), and total management of each individual agents’ social media platforms. Boost Marketing Coordinator, Rebecca Riess, adds, “Another massive advantage of Boost is the number of continued and compounded client interactions it provides for its agents. Email, direct mail and social media campaigns, aimed at generating referrals and repeat business, are completely driven by our team of experts.”

Fulton Grace agents and founders of the SK Group, Danny Khomutov, Patrick Shino and Scott Tran, attribute part of their success in connecting with clients to their participation in the Boost program. The explain that, “Utilizing the Boost program within the framework of our business model has automated and increased client engagement. As real estate agents, it is essential that we interact with our clientele in a systematic way. But content matters. The articles, blogs, and images that are published by our Boost experts are well thought-out and have an organic feel; this has inspired quality client engagement.

From total brand management to customized marketing campaigns, Fulton Grace’s Boost program strives to provide a results-driven approach aiming to enhance sales growth, increase lead generation, improve social presence, and, in turn, “boost” our agents’ bottom lines.

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