5 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

You may think sprucing up your home requires an overhaul. Not true. Chicago’s mother-daughter interior design team provides tips on how to refresh for spring—to infuse color, to rearrange smartly, and to put our best spaces forward. Trust in Paper Chase Interiors. We do.

1. Tidy up bookshelves
Spring means making room for the new, so why not start with the often over-crowded bookshelf? Donate books you haven’t read or never plan to read. Can’t part with your paperbacks? Simply rearranging them in a novel order easily upgrades. Try grouping by color and size. Be sure to nestle in personal mementos, artifacts, and even some greenery to add life and interest. Finally, don’t overlook the magic of dusting! Use dryer sheets for a quick clean and fresh scent combo.

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2. Recycle magazines and catalogs
Store catalogs and magazines can really pile up over the winter months, so in preparation for spring, LET THEM GO! Removing them from the coffee table frees up room to play around with more decorative pieces. Start with a tray, and then layer in a few favorite books and other display-worthy trinkets. Go for varying height and texture. And don’t forget a fresh cut leaf or flower!

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3. Add unexpected greenery
The recent overload of plants and living things in décor and home magazines is no fluke. They purify the air and increase oxygen levels. Of course, they’re easy on the eyes as well. Experiment by adding a hanging plant in a neglected room like the laundry or bath. If you don’t have much a green thumb, opt for a low maintenance plant such as the snake plant, which thrives on being ignored.

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4. Make over with spray paint
Nothing says spring like bright colors, so why not put the power of spray paint to the test? Spray painting is the quickest and most foolproof way to breathe new life into old furniture. Practice on something small that you can live without, and be sure to spray it outside, if possible. First, clean and lightly sand the item, and let it completely dry between coats. The most important part is to have fun when selecting a color. Bold, springtime hues like citrus yellow, violet, and turquoise work well.

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5. Rearrange furniture
Tired of your living room, but on a budget? We suggest rearranging your furniture. It’s easy to get stuck thinking that the sofa should face the fireplace, but there are often other options. If the sofa must remain stagnant, add a pillow or throw that has been hiding in the guest room, or spring for a new one to lighten up the area. Swap out furniture pieces that are similar in scale such as the bench at the end of your bed and the two small ottomans sitting in front of the fireplace. Don’t forget to ask a friend for help, and have a tape measure handy!

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