Top Five 2018 Design Resolutions

The new year is a great time to think about trends that have run their course and ideas for new trends to incorporate into our designs. It’s a fun opportunity to purge and refresh. Donna Mondi, of Donna Mondi Interior Design in Chicago, is sharing her top five 2018 design resolutions and what to expect in the new year.

Intentional Maximalism
During the recession, we entered into a design era known for its simplicity and overwhelmingly neutral color palette. Gray, greige, and white colors dominated the scene along with clean-lined furnishings. That era has finally passed and we’re now into something more colorful, decadent, and eclectic. Consider painting your walls in a rich, saturated hue that will add new drama to your home. Or for a quick fix, add bright pillows to a neutral sofa and change out the wall art to bring in your new color scheme. For all-out drama, I love to use wall coverings that are anything but subtle!  

Intentional Maximalism.jpg

Image Credit: Nick Novelli

Hygge was something I hadn’t heard of a year ago but realized that I had already been following the main principles of in my designs. I’d love to see more of this trend by intentionally focusing on the comforts of a space by adding cozy pillows and throws, having soft carpets underfoot, and a table nearby for hot tea. This may be one of the easiest trends to adapt. Just think of what makes you feel comfy at home and be sure to keep everything within arm’s reach. Now, as a designer, I have to insist that these things also look fabulous and support the design of the space.  


Image Credit: Nick Novelli

Bring back the passementerie trend! Decadence in design is back in full force so trimmings are on their way to being hip again. Bullion fringe on panels, beaded tapes on pillows, and leather tassels on pillows will make custom window treatments and bedding interesting again. On a budget? Have your local seamstress dress up readymade panels and pillows with fun trims, and it’ll look like you spent a fortune.  


Image Credit: Samuel & Sons

This trend started a couple years ago but is still going strong.  I personally like to mix metals so things don’t get too predictable. Change out drawer hardware, vanity lights, and add an accent table for instant glamour! Even updating your accessories to incorporate gold finishes can warm and brighten a room like you wouldn’t believe.  


Image Credit: Nick Novelli

Grandma Chic
Whoever thought toiles, florals, and spindle chairs would ever be considered high fashion in interiors? Some characteristics of this trend involve mixing multiple fabrics together, ignoring all color rules, and adopting a more-is-more mindset. It’s a style that started in the fashion industry and quickly migrated to fabrics and wall coverings in the interiors world. It’s one of those trends you’ll either love or hate. Not much of a middle ground here.  

Grandma Chic Gucci Pillow.jpg

Image Credit: Gucci

Grandma Chic Gucci Pillow 2

Image Credit: Gucci

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