River North Opens “Your New Favorite Corner Store”

Picture this. You’re sprawled out on the couch and realize you forgot to buy for someone this year. Conveniently, you’ve also just contracted “the sniffles”. Right now, you really need Tylenol Sinus, a “Happy Holidays” card, and a thoughtfully curated gift package. And quickly.

We know a guy. His name is Mike LaVitola, and he’s the brain behind Foxtrot, “your new favorite corner store”. What prompted this ⅓ store, ⅓ curator, and ⅓ delivery idea? Well, necessity (or college cravings) for one.

LaVitola Bloom 1.jpg

Co-founders, Mike LaVitola (right) and Taylor Bloom. All Photos Courtesy/Foxtrot

Flash back to Mike attending business school at the University of Chicago. Always scheming, he wondered why ordering a 6-pack of local, craft beer and some chips & guac wasn’t comparable to ordering a pizza. At the time, on-demand delivery services were scant, so he persuaded his engineer friend and now co-founder, Taylor Bloom to relocate from Austin and get coding. Together they launched the virtual side of Foxtrot just as 2013 wrapped.

Flash forward to last week when Foxtrot proudly opened its third brick-and-mortar at 114 W Chicago Ave in River North. Now, not only can you order a host of beverages, produce, snacks, gifts, and everyday essentials through the app or online, you can stop into one of the three (and counting) locations.


It’s a Foxtrot! River North welcomes the newest store at 114 W Chicago Ave.

Under an hour delivery or convenient in-store shopping? That’s a lot of winning, whatever consumer mold you fit.

Foxtrot understands that shoppers and their habits differ, but they strive to reach them all — those who need last-minute hostess gifts but can’t juggle picking up a bottle of Magnum wine AND perfecting their makeup, those who’ve just completed a full-fledged grocery shop and overlooked the dairy section, and those who’ve worked a double shift and need a cocktail…and the ingredients to make it.


This “holiday hero” could be you.

And for those who need to stretch their legs and chat with someone, anyone? Your local Foxtrot is just around the corner. We’re talking specifically to you, West Loop, Lincoln Park, River North, and as of this January, Wicker Park inhabitants.

Yes, Foxtrot follows their customers and knows a neighborhood absence when they see one, but be careful not to confuse them with the nearest grocer.

While accessible, they remain slightly selective, in a good way. The brand connects with other brands they deem “quality” to offer you a smaller radius of approved sellers and hometown goods — Jeppson’s Malort, Glazed & Infused doughnuts, Blackhawks gear, Tatine candles, Metric coffee, etc.


Gifts celebrating native victors and happy hours abound.

Don’t forget the bundles, either. Foxtrot goes a quickstep further than presenting disparate items. They carefully package themed boxes and showcase unexpected (but totally perfect) pairings. Holiday favorites like the Chicago Peppermint Cocoa Julep kit, daily boosts in the form of Workout Recovery Packs, and movie night necessities are already grouped and ready for an easy checkout.


Chicago Peppermint Cocoa Julep in a box. We’ll drink to that.

As the brand progresses, they’re constantly looking for new ways to bring the Foxtrot experience to life. That means in-store coffee bars, wine tastings, and classes to lure people to their almost four locations. Although, they’re perfectly happy abiding by two of their three thirds — speedily delivering curated goods to doorsteps.

What’s next? More Foxtrots in Chicago to start — to extend their “corner store” concept to those who live outside of the already covered neighborhoods. Look out. The next one could be yours.


It’s beginning to look a lot like delivery time.

Put your faith in Foxtrot this season and in the wintry days ahead. They’ll deliver.

Enjoy $10 off on your first order.

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