Fulton Grace Sponsors Northcenter Trick-or-Treating

Halloween came early this past Saturday. Northcenter Chamber of Commerce’s annual Trick-or-Treat in Northcenter teamed with costumes, goodies, and local sponsors, including Fulton Grace Realty.


Treat stations looking wide-eyed and ready for trick-or-treaters.

The hallowed day kicked off around 10 AM, when superheroes, witches, pirates, princesses, mythical creatures, and even “Baby Ferris Bueller” filled the Town Square. With parents and pets in tow, the trick-or-treating commenced.


Northcenter families visit our newest office for surprises.

We rolled out our branded best plus sweets to satisfy even the darkest of hearts and creepiest of characters.


Darth Vader visits the light side. No one can resist a candy bag, especially from the hands of President & Managing Broker, TJ Rubin.


Sesame Street, meet 4141 N Lincoln.


A young pirate spies treasures.


Even the smallest were bewitched by our offerings.

The three hours of greeting and treating saw numbers of kids, families, and warm interactions. Our volunteers fought the chill and continued to shell out frisbees, magnets, keychains, and edible delights to thrilled recipients.


Congestion at our booth. We’re not mad.


Saving the world, one treat at a time.


FGR agent, Samantha Wren, offers fuel to this fall flyer.


The keychains prove almost as enticing as the cookies.


This lion saught courage…and petting.


Vice President of Operations, Charlene McClendon, helps divvy out the frisbees.

As the 12 o’clock hour struck, some participants meandered back to the Town Square for a costume contest, while others soldiered on for more collecting.

Around 1 PM, volunteers polished up the “barely there” leftovers and disassembled the stations. After an eventful and rewarding day, we’re already looking forward to next Halloween! Thanks again to FGR staff and agents for their assistance and to Northcenter Chamber of Commerce for hosting the magic.


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