5 Home Trends You Need To Know This Season

Like any forward-thinking homeowner, we’re always, well, thinking ahead. Just as one season ends, another begins, ushering in a bout of inspiration. From color combinations and winterizing to refocusing and plant hacks, we’ve squeezed it all in. Peel what you will from this handful of trends.

1. Orange & Blue.


Image Credit: Jennifer Gilmer

Somewhere between carrot orange, pumpkin, and tangerine. Whatever the color code, it’s got zest. Shown here with stainless steel and deep brown zebrawood cabinetry, a wild yet polished look wins us over. Leave timidity at the door. Try splashing the spiced color on an unexpected wall or introducing furniture/accents of the same hue. We guarantee the offbeat warmth will endure for the rest of the year too.

Teal. Especially when paired with a more roasted version of the orange above. Contemporary, complementary, and cool, it instills an optimal temperature balance and just enough energy to let other fixtures, neutrals, and subtler touches relish in their respective glory.

2. Winterizing.


Image credit: FreePhotos.cc

Practicality is always in style. Prevent house aches and heartbreaks with this easy trio.

Clean your gutters.
Ok, nothing novel, but still. Don’t get lazy as the “s” word nears. Clean gutters to avoid water-damaged foundation. Water that dodges your gutters meets the foundation instead. That means one expensive whoops.

Pick, and program your thermostat.
Invest in one that doesn’t mystify and saves you money. Set different heating/cooling plans for each day of the week, or program one plan for weekdays and one for weekends. Basically, options are limitless and adaptable to the busiest or (laziest) of schedules. Prices vary but energy and sanity will be spared.

Safeguard your outdoor faucet.
Once you’ve accepted that your summer and even fall garden must be cut off, protect the water source. Simply detach your hose from the outdoor faucet. Drain, and then, attach a faucet protector to block frigid gusts from infiltrating the pipes. It shouldn’t cost much more than a holiday latte.

3. Refocusing the living room.


Image credit: Shirley Meisels

Here’s a radical idea. A designated space, other than the dinner table, to engage in actual conversation with family, friends, guests — whoever makes tracks in your home this season. While we’re not encouraging you to quit streaming The Golden Age of Television or cozying up with worn-in films, we ARE asking you to think about how a few design nudges (even temporary) can make a difference. Offering various seating types around the coffee table promotes a comfortable space to gossip or a casual, chic center for stiffer audiences.

4. Fake plants (gasp).

Sometimes taking shortcuts is completely acceptable, especially when the to-do list turns into a “too-much” list. Crafting or purchasing illusory greens is a cost-effective way to prolong your home’s more natural pieces. Assemble color appropriate paper parrot tulips with these steps. Stick in a vase, or lay in a spot that could use a breath of life.

Not into crafting? How about credit card swiping? This alternative only requires a couple clicks for endless curb appeal. These potted Evergreen shrubs enhance before anyone even enters your home. They also won’t recoil from blustery conditions to come. Perch on the porch, and relax.

5. Fresh bedding.



Image credit: Target


Image credit: Anthropologie

Layering, layering, layering. This time of year especially, you can get away with loading up on quilted spreads, throws, pillows, the works. In terms of texture? Flannel, microfleece, faux fur, and metallic-embroidered cotton. Anything that adds a little “cabin retreat” and refreshes what should be your zone of comfort and calm. Make the space hibernation-ready now. Added bonus? Extra 25% off sale Anthropologie bedding.

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