5 Secrets to Unlocking “Hygge” at Home

Adopting the Danish idea of “hygge,” or “coziness,” doesn’t mean pulling the plug on modern living. It encourages a more relaxed and genuine atmosphere, honing in on simple strategies for inspiring closeness.

While winter is prime for all the warmth and wool, autumn offers a trial run. We’ve compiled feasible ways to help expose the hygge (pronounced “hoo-guh”) just waiting to envelop visitors and awaken your space’s homiest potential.

1. Rework the furniture.


If your home already boasts an open layout, you’re a step ahead. If not, shift a few pieces of furniture to create a less cluttered appearance. Suffering from too much room? Transform the loftiness with a couple well-chosen items. Consult your neighborhood thrift store for a slightly “lived-in” dining room table or more inviting chairs. Think bases and backs. Shoot for welcoming. Your guests will notice.

2. Get cozy, not cluttery. 


Throw pillows, subtle greenery, a soft blanket. These additions instantly add comfort and incite ease. Eschew hoarding, though. Too many accessories, no matter how snugglable, and you’ve reached overkill. Remember to uphold the openness, and let your place breathe.

3. Play with fire.


You can get crafty with this one, especially if your home doesn’t feature a fireplace. Improvise by making your own “hearth.” A cluster of glowing tea lights in your favorite, fall scent or birch log candles scream “hygge,” well, whisper “hygge.” Even a strand of warm white bulbs to imitate more calming and natural illumination works. Cinnamon sticks optional.

4. Employ texture.


Hygge can often be confused with solely minimal or rustic. Both lend themselves to the essence of hygge but aren’t synonymous. Mix textures with an organic approach. In the name of “inviting,” call on the outdoors for inspiration. Straw, exposed wood, foliage, neutral colors, and a touch of bold provoke without jarring.

5. Connect.


Whether it’s with a cup of coffee, nature, or a circle of friends, at hygge’s core is connection. Let your home’s aesthetic guide to relishing life’s quieter, more heartwarming, or meaningful instances. Tailor the area to reflect a contentedness that can be stoked on sight or traveled with.

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