Fulton Grace is Three-for-Three

Looks like the number “3” is trending for Fulton Grace Realty.

This month, we’ve welcomed a third office and another year on Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000the most comprehensive look at the economy’s backbone: America’s independent entrepreneurs.


These “tri-heavy” honors definitely air on the mystical side, but we’re not superstitious. We’re just proud.

Introducing our colors to North Center and climbing to 1,793rd on the 36th annual ranking of America’s fastest-growing private companies took a team effort. Applause around.

Now, let’s check out that new office!

What can visitors expect from Fulton Grace’s 3rd marker on the Chicago map?


A bold aesthetic.
Before even entering the bright and modern office, our “We Sell” campaign proudly lives on window exteriors—branding our belonging among other neighborhood establishments. Bricks coat the outside, and blue and orange accents amplify the interior. Add in the forward-thinking light fixtures, efficient use of space, and clean atmosphere, and you’ve got our freshest headquarters yet.


The Marketing Department.
Venture to the nucleus of FGR’s creative undertakings. Energy surges from the minds of the department through the electric blue chairs they occupy. They’re here to help grow budding ideas, explain marketing offerings, and inspire.


An agent-friendly atmosphere.
The new office was designed to radiate accessibility, especially to agents. The semi-rotunda houses the “agent area” and an orbiting illuminant. Settle in for independent work or hold broker-to-broker meetings and client sidebars. Meet with any marketing team member or the director to talk shop. Our dynamic and inviting conference room is also ready to play host.


A halfway point.
About equidistant from FGR’s Lakeview and West Town offices, our newest workplace should provide extra convenience, a landing strip, and another area to explore.


A variety of eats & entertainment options.
Don’t work too hard. Well, work hard, but make sure to observe happy hour.


Our sleek kitchen extends a nice alternative to foraging—packing and storing lunch or filling up on some Dark Matter brew.

Itching to get out? Our location accompanies a variety of restaurants, bars, green space, shops, and other businesses meant to lure homebuyers, agents, and staff alike.

Enjoy a short walk to dueling patios, Starbucks, Half Acre Brewery, top notch Thai food, and Chicago’s first cider bar, currently offering a Chai’der House Rules on tap. How “almost fall” of them. Revere Park invites all ages to dodge, kick, and pitch balls, but if you’re more of the “sit back and be entertained” type, venues like Bughouse, Strawdog, and Martyrs bring the laughs and the loud.

Greet 4141 N Lincoln today!




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