FGR Goes Green. You Should Too.

The scenario: an armful of groceries and the chance to preserve some coin and our planet.
The solution: reusable tote bags.

FGR is proud to announce that we’ve joined the eco-friendly kick to kick plastic bags goodbye. Why now? Why not now?


This past February, Chicago got serious about reducing waste. A 7-cent per bag tax was inflicted on shoppers, providing extra impetus to supply their own carrier.

Fulton Grace decided to get serious too by designing our own contribution to the cause. The bag says more than our brand. It says that in addition to spreading our ripe, green image across the city, we’re passionate about leading more environmentally conscious lives.

Clean food has good influence for our mood

We encourage all of our tenants to visit either FGR office, 2901 N Halsted St or 1448 N Western Ave, to pick up their complimentary tote bag. 

Enjoy this token of our appreciation, and help us promote greener thoughts. Before embarking on your next food run, crafting spree, or even pet play date, sling a statement over your shoulder.

Go tote!

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