Find Magic at Your Neighborhood Starbucks

If you’ve been anywhere worth being in the past few days, you may have witnessed bewitched people sipping fluorescent concoctions. Do you believe? Do you want to believe?

For a very limited time only, you can try the one minute sweet, next minute tart Unicorn Frappucino. With color-morphing and mood-boosting capabilities, this barely there drink is worth getting.

Why unicorns? Starbucks attributes inspiration to the mythical food trend flying across cyberspace. Maybe your local bakery’s “uni-cake” or winged latte blog even prompted the omnipresent enterprise to magic up.

Skeptics warn against the not so magical sugar content and oversaturated flavor. Just shoo them with a sprinkle of the beverage’s trimmings: pink and blue fairy powders. It has a hint of mango after all…


Photo: Starbucks

You may not crave one of these daily, but just as with shooting stars and other ephemera, the swirl should not be missed.

Document your own encounter with the blended creation before it vanishes this Sunday, April 23.

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