Memorial Day: Weekend Agenda

If your annual patio “party” leaves something to be desired, try this handful of weekend alternatives!

Take a spin. 

x-defaultSo you’ve toured Navy Pier once or twice, but have you glimpsed the freshly installed Centennial Wheel? Friday at 12 PM marks the opening of the Wheel and Navy Pier’s 100th anniversary. Experience the 196-foot-high attraction in one of the 42, “Navy Pier blue” gondolas. Ride one of the top six tallest Ferris wheels in the U.S. for just $12!


Make a splash.

g_NorthAvenueTake your pick of Chicago’s best sand spots like North Avenue Beach (beach house and concessions), Oakwood Beach (hosts Mamby on the Beach concert July 2nd and 3rd), Montrose Beach (volley and dog friendly), Rainbow Beach and Park (South Side playground near long-standing public garden), and Oak Street Beach (Gold Coast stretch with bike and water toy rentals). Umbrellas up.

Snack outside…maybe.

parsonsTempt fate (a.k.a. the stormy weekend forecast) for the best chicken and fish at Parson’s. This Logan Square patio offers an artful take on “raw, fresh and fried” items and major picnic vibes. Pair your eats with a frozen classic, “The Original Negroni Slushy”, or follow with a slice of Bang Bang Pie.


Catch a foul ball.


Spend some quality time with stadium food and the Cubs as they take on the Phillies. Friday through Saturday games are 1:20 PM at Wrigley Field. Monday they face the Dodgers at 4:05 PM.



Retreat to higher ground.

ct-ott-0925-food-just-opened-greenriver-20150923-1Climb to the 18th floor of 259 E Erie St to enjoy this fall opener’s summertime benefits: outdoor terrace and all the views. Hole up at the GreenRiver bar with Haley’s Comet (Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Avèze Gentiane, Passion Fruit, Lemon, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Decanter Bitters & Cava) while ogling Lake Michigan. Then make your way to the dining area for some Streeterville munch (seats 50).

Photo: Chicago Tribune

Crash a House party.

Downtown-SoundMillenium Park hosts the Chicago House Party. The birthplace of House music celebrates itself this Saturday. Join DJs commemorating over 35 years of the genre. You can get uppity from 3-9 PM...FOR FREE.



Get lost in a floral labyrinth.

static1.squarespaceGarfield Park Conservatory offers a strangely natural blend of architecture and nature. Spend some time wandering through 1.6 acres of outdoor gardens, display houses and more at 300 N Central Park Ave. Open daily from 9 AM-5 PM and Wednesdays from 9 AM-8 PM.


Save Ferris.

54d417233a9c0_-_esq-ferris-deIf you can’t wait until June 21, hang with this rule breaker a little early. Chances are the weekend won’t be completely optimal for outdoors. Grab some couch, and start planning for summer adventures-Bueller…Bueller…Bueller style.


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