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Renard Mayfield

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Renard began his professional journey with a passion for photography. This passion lead him to shoot celebrated artists from Beyoncé to Outkast. Photography segued into a relationship with his second love–marketing and promotions. Working for Group III Promotions and handling the RJ Reynolds Camel Pool Program enabled Renard to expand his knowledge of marketing throughout the country. With a desire for a more hands-on approach, he joined Chicago Promotions’ NewBirth Project, Inc. With photography becoming his trading card, Renard contributed to the creation, design, and marketing of the NewBirth website plus many of the visuals used to publicize the company.

Combining innovation with a love for marketing, the next natural step was starting his own company: One-Life Promotions & Marketing. One-Life added event planning and street teams to Renard’s increasing portfolio. The inception of BIG BITE was the result of two companies, One-Life Promotions (founded by Renard Mayfield) and In the NYC of Time Promotions (founded by Nycholle Brown), combining its efforts to give clients the best final product.

Upon the creation of BIG BITE, Renard enjoyed a multitude of other marketing and promotions opportunities. Having forged relationships with club and street DJ’s, he moved into promoting Slum Village’s “Tainted” (Capitol Records). With that success, BIG BITE was tapped to serve as the Midwest Regional Radio Promotions team for TVT Records.

Renard did not limit himself to hip-hop in the music industry, though. He helped introduce other artists to the world and was able to connect with other big names in the hospitality and entertainment worlds, including Guinness, Virgin Records, and Showtime.

Following this, Renard served as Midwest Regional Advertising and Sales Manager for (DGL) and assisted Global Mixx DJ Retreat with award show production.

He then gravitated towards real estate. After acting as Marketing Manager for the home improvement company, LeafGuard, Nycholle Brown enlisted his organizational, technical and managerial expertise. Eventually he became her official assistant, bringing them to Fulton Grace Realty as a unit. The welcoming FGR environment validated his decision to join the team.

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