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Mike Cuevas

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Hello and thanks for checking me out ;). I LOVE real estate. I LOVE people, I LOVE when you call me and ask me questions about real estate. My approach to real estate is very simple. I am here to advise you on how to make a wise real estate decision on the buying and selling side. I don’t care about dollar signs. I care more about your interests. That mindset has allowed my business to flourish so I don’t need to worry about my next deal.

When I first got into real estate over 12 years ago things were much different. The evolution of the Internet has changed the way real estate is bought and sold. It wasn’t long ago that you needed a Realtor to help you buy or sell. Today you can easily do everything on your own, but should you?

Would you ever make any large financial decision in a stock, IRA, life insurance, or any other kind of investment without sound advice? I hope not and the same applies to real estate. The ONLY reason I still have a job and a demand is because consumers need my expertise to CONFIRM their FINANCIAL real estate decisions.

I knew right away that just having a real estate license was not enough. The Internet changed the way I practice and marketed real estate.

I studied, traveled, and devoured myself into everything I could about marketing. I had to go above just being an agent. I needed more than a license. I needed to become a professional marketer. As a matter of fact I consider myself a professional marketer that just happens to have a real estate license. Over a decade of real estate experience has allowed me to share my expertise in a information driven approach so I can arm you with the RIGHT information so you can make your own decision. My job… is just to confirm it’s a wise choice.

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