Dip Mahida

Dip Mahida


Office: 773-698-6648
Mobile: 630-965-4809
Fax: 773-634-8319 


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Dip Mahida is driven by his passion, a universal language. His experience as a DJ/musician has brought him to varying corners of his hometown, Chicago. Dip's understanding of unique essence, energy, and crowd bring hidden gems in each neighborhood to your forefront

Contrary to a “one size fits all  approach”, his realtor style caters to the individual.

With a background in event planning, Dip understands the value of a carefully curated space. His client’s projects become his own personal goals, and his highly personal approach makes finding your home an exciting, persistent scavenger hunt throughout Chicago’s diverse, soulful, and electric neighborhoods (with the perfect tune playing in the background)!

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Fax (773) 634-8319

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