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Sylvia Reyna.

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Graduating from Texas A&M University, I achieved a B.A. in Political Science and Psychology with a Standard Classroom Teaching License. I have a unique ability to merge skills in critical thinking, business development and artistic expression into one. I have worked in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, South Texas and Chicago in various areas that include law, real estate, education, sales and finance. My demeanor and drive draws from a diverse background of interests and experiences. I pride myself in my ability to present the facts, manage elements of surprise and provide solutions to the ever-changing scenarios that occur in everyday situations. I strive to meet and discover the needs of my company and my clients. I choose my words with care, ensuring I convey clear, candid communication to prepare a solid base for working with my company and clients alike. I excel at organization and I am dedicated to meet my company’s goals and exceed their expectations. 

Besides work, my passion is traveling. Having lived in the Middle East I have had the pleasure of traveling to over 20 plus countries. My favorite countries are Lebanon, UAE, UK and Thailand. I believe traveling is the best type of experience and education you can get. I love skydiving, and pretty much anything that is considered an adventure. I enjoy spending time exercising,spinning, bike riding, swimming, cooking and reading. I am a dog lover and I spend my free time with my rescue dog Nico.

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